Eastwood Baptist Church
Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Legacy Giving Team

The Legacy Giving Program at EBC involves various groups.  Their roles are listed below:
1.    Legacy Giving Ministry Team-consists of church members who: 
  • Administer and promote EBC’s Legacy Giving Program
  • Provide gift planning information to interested donors.
2.    Stewardship Committee-makes all decisions regarding the expenditure of income from endowments based on church policy and gift designations.
3.    Trustees- sell assets given to the church.
4.    Business Administrator-maintains records of gifts made and accounts for income generated by the various endowments.
5.    Church Treasurer-executes the investment agreement with the KYBF and authorizes the expenditure of the various funds in conjunction with the Stewardship Committee and the Business Administrator. 
Eastwood Baptist Church and its various representatives do not provide legal, accounting, tax or other such advice to donors.  Each donor is responsible for insuring that their proposed gift meets and furthers their charitable, financial, legal and estate planning needs.  As such, each donor is encouraged to meet with his/her legal and professional financial advisors before making any gift to the church.

If you need additional information or would like to talk with a member of the Legacy Giving Ministry Team please call the church office or contact one of the individuals listed below. The discussion will be held in strictest confidence. 
Ron Beck 843-4963
Don Bratcher 796-8031
Robert Chaudoin 842-1129
Ed Foster 842-4564
Larry Howlett 842-4242
Mike Mitchell 529-0026
Elinor Salsman

Dean Warren