Eastwood Baptist Church
Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Prayer Partners

Eastwood's Prayer Partner Ministry
Now more than ever EBC needs to be a prayer-driven church and one way you can serve in this area of ministry is by joining Prayer Partners
  • Prayer Partners (PP) is one way to plug into ministry and serve at Eastwood Baptist Church.
  • PP team members meet/pray together once every six weeks.
  • PP members are interceding for the service they are praying over.
     Definition: Intercede - to plead with someone in authority on behalf of someone else.
  • PP members interceded for their SS class, personal needs, missions and missionaries, church & world events, etc.
  • PP members receive a monthly newsletter so they know best how to pray for our staff and their areas of ministry.
  • Within the newsletter there is a schedule to serve as a reminder of the date your team will be praying.
  • The master schedule is also post here, on the church website via the link below.
  • PP members receive an email reminder the week leading up to their team's scheduled time to pray.
Please sign up below to be a part of EBC's Prayer Partner team.  If you have any questions you may call the church office or contact Erin Reynolds.
Thank you,
Matt August
Prayer Partner Chairman

Prayer Times 
Sunday Morning - 9:30 am East Campus Service
Sunday Morning - 11:00 am East Campus Service
 Sunday Morning - 10:30 am South Campus Service