Eastwood Baptist Church
Thursday, March 22, 2018
It's All About Him!

Parent Resources


  •    www.cpyu.org - Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
    • Connects parents with information, trends, and research about youth culture
  •    www.pluggedin.com - Plugged-In Online
    •  Provides reviews on new and old movies through a biblical worldview lens
  •    www.4truth.net – 4 Truth: A Reasoned Approach to Christianity
    •  Provides information on the religious and philosophical views of people groups in North America, as well as practical information for engaging in intelligent discussions of faith and worldviews.
  •    www.homeword.com – HomeWord
    •  Christian organization designed to be a tool for parents and youth workers, equipping them to train teenagers in wisdom and Christian lifestyle.
  •    www.family.org – Focus on the Family
    •  Organization devoted to strengthening, mobilizing, and defending the family.
  •    www.familylife.com – Family Life
    • Parenting tips to help connecting with your son/daughter including research, articles, and forums.
  •    www.answersingenesis.org – Answers in Genesis
    •  Addresses questions like “where’s the proof for creation” and tackles tough issues like abortion, morality, and ethics.
  •    www.therebelution.com – Do Hard Things
    • Twin brothers, Alex and Brett Harris, challenge students to not settle for the minimum, but to pursue high standards, challenging tasks, and big dreams for God.